Fo Guang Shan Xiang Yun Temple

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The Benefits of Giving

We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to engage in these beautiful practices that lead us to ever increasing happiness and freedom. And the most valuable gift that we can give to others is this opportunity to pursue a life of deep inner peace. When we give to Xiang Yun Temple, we are giving this opportunity to both present and future generations because the temple provides the necessary conditions and support for contemplation and meditation practice. This is the best gift that we can give to this world, for it is the gift of both inner and outer peace.


佛光山是一個行人間佛教的菩薩道場,以社會及常住大眾、多元佛教事業為優先,舉凡教育、文化、慈善、醫療等各種利生的事業,都積極參與。 佛光教團提倡人間佛教,致力宣揚佛法與生活的融和,今日的佛光教團,是由許多默默耕耘的佛光人所凝聚而成,上承教主佛陀的真理妙諦,中循歷代祖師的遺風德範,下啟萬代子孫的幸福安樂。

佛光教團以悲智願行的菩薩精神,為佛光人 組織的架構;以慈悲濟世的願心從事文化教育,為佛光人實踐的內容;以群我關係的調和,為佛光人思想的基礎;以散播人間歡 喜,為佛光人修持的法門。佛光人均矢志發揚此佛光精神,俾能達到光大佛教,普利群倫的目的。如果您喜歡我們的宗風,認同我 們的理念,歡迎您隨喜贊助我們。涓滴的護持將會匯集成大河,成為我們繼續前進的動力。並秉持著「給人信心、給人歡喜、給人 希望、給人方便」的精神,俾使廣大信眾能輕鬆種福田,點亮心 燈,照亮世間的每一個人。