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Water Repentance Service 清明孝親報恩法會


各位護法信徒: 吉祥 !
為發揚佛教孝道之精神,佛光山香雲寺將於 4 月 1 日(星期日)舉辦清明孝親報恩法會, 禮拜《慈悲三昧水懺》一永日,以此殊勝功德,迴向歷代祖先,過往先賢,蓮品增上。 屆時歡迎闔府蒞臨,同霑法益。
耑此 敬頌
Dear Dharma Friends,
Spring is the time to honor our ancestors and departed loved ones. This year’s Water Repentance Service will be conducted on Sunday, April 1, 2018. Merits will be transferred for the good health and prosperity of our loved ones who are still with us and for rebirth in the Pure Land for those who have departed. Everyone is welcome to participate and share in the Dharma joy.

佛光山香雲寺 謹啟
I.B.P.S. Austin

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